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APRS – Re-discovering Old and New!

I have recently been playing around with APRS / DPRS (D-STAR Gateway) using various applications with and without radio. From my phone (which is an Android phone running the APRSdroid App) to my IC-2820H D-STAR radio, to the VWSaprs add-on package that communicates to the APRS-IS gateway for my home weather station. It has been interesting to get started again after so many years of not being into APRS.

For those of you not familiar with what APRS is or stands for, it means Automatic Packet Reporting System. You can go here to learn more about it. It is basically just as it sounds. It can beacon your position by using GPS and plotting it to a map. It can also be used with or without a radio. It is a form of digital communications and can also be used for messaging and widely used for reporting weather conditions as well from those who have weather stations. Here is the APRS site for more information:

One site you may also want to look at if you are interested in seeing what is going on with APRS is:

I am having fun rediscovering what APRS is all about and learning new things such as the DPRS to APRS tie-in now with D-STAR being gateways to other repeaters across the globe using the internet as well as digital communications.






K3HTK Repeater Pic


K3HTK Repeater Information – Updated…..

The K3HTK repeater has been on the air now for about 3 years! Hard to believe how time flies…. Now there has been a 440 side of this repeater established with the help of Bill (NF9K) and his generous donation of a Kenwood TKR-820 repeater!! See the information below… The 440 side of this repeater has been officially coordinated.

The 900 Mhz Repeater is located in Noblesville, IN. A very special thank you to Bill (K9YDO) for all of his help and time he spent helping me get this thing on the air. I learned a lot from Bill on this project and could not have done it without him lending a hand. I would also like to thank Chris (N9VHL) for the donation he made to this project by donating an MSF5000 150 watt PA setup for this repeater. That was definitely very generous and a huge help as well!

Given the system is low profile due to the lack of height on my tower, I am interested in anyone who may have access to or know someone who might be able to lend a hand getting this repeater to a tower site where I could also maintain an Internet connection for the EchoIRLP node. I know that is a tall order, but you never know….. Feel free to contact me at:


Frequency: Input – 448.625 / Output – 443.625

Hardware: Kenwood TKR-820

PL: 88.5

Power: ~ 40 Watts

Antenna Height: ~55 feet

Antenna – 8db Omni Directional


Frequency: Input – 902.0875 / Output – 927.0875

Hardware: Motorola Quantar

PL: 131.8

Power: 100 Watts

Antenna Height: ~55 feet

Antenna – 8db Omni Directional


EchoLink and IRLP Running on: PiRLP

IRLP Node# 8492

EchoLink Node# 730083


If using the repeater and you would like to connect to an IRLP Node:

Key your radio and press #, <Node Number>


If using the repeater and you would like to connect to an EchoLink Node:

Key your radio and press #, *, <Node Number>


To disconnect from any Node (IRLP or EchoLink) simply key your radio and press #73.