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Received SSTV images today from International Space Station (ISS)

I have been waiting in anticipation all weekend to catch a chance to receive some radio signals from the international Space Station in order to decode pictures the Russian cosmonauts are sending via SSTV (Slow Scan Television) Mode PD180 to commemorate 80th anniversary of the birth of first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Although they were delayed in getting the SSTV system online, they did get it done after all the work they had been doing up there to re-arrange modules on the station.

Check out some of the images I received in my shack today…..


Learn more information here at AMSAT-UK: AMSAT

Radio: ICOM-9100

Software: MMSSTV (Free)

SSTV Format: PD180

Frequency: 145.800 MHz FM

Antenna: M2 VHF and UHF EggBeater



Rasperry Pi – Simple Install Script for FLDIGI (Includes RigControl Compiled)

Finally! It is here at last….. Install Script for FLDIGI that includes compiled RigControl HamLibs

I know I promised back in last July (2014) at the Indianapolis Ham Fest that I would post some more on my FLDIGI Raspberry Pi project I demonstrated to everyone with Bill – NF9K. Well, things have been crazy busy with some new career changes in my life but I finally took the time to debug and get my installation script in order for those of you who would like to install FLDIGI and use it on a Raspberry Pi. Not only does this install FLDIGI, but it also includes the compiling for the HamLibs required for RigControl as well! I mean, seriously… Why would you not include that? I think because it is time consuming and painful….

There is also a patch included for using the GPIO pins for keying if you wish…. I came across this blog: HamPi from Lior Elazary (KK6BWA)  and decided to make my own twist on the script to make it simpler after learning the hard way how to get RigControl working. When I first installed FLDIGI following his instructions (which are awesome by the way), it was to my disappointment I could not find the RigControl tab anywhere in FLDIDGI. Back to Google I went…. I finally came across others who were just as disappointed as I was after finding out you had to compile the HamLibs for RigControl to show up as an option. If you do not care to have the full RigControl capabilities, then just follow what Lior has on his website.

So, without further delay…. Instructions:

1.) Login into the Pi Desktop at least once if you have not already by using startx at the command prompt. If not, this script will bomb out at the very end because the “Desktop” folder may not exist yet and the script cannot create the icon for FLDIGI as called at the end. If it does bomb at then end, no worries. Everything will still work just fine. You will just need to go into the applications menu to find it and launch from there.

2.) Download the script here into your home directory logged in as “pi”:

3.) Run the following command to make the script executable: sudo chmod +x

4.) Now execute the script: sudo ./ – This will create a folder named “HamPi-FLDIGI” in your home directory. Feel free to edit the script however you would like if you wish to change that….

5.) Now watch the magic happen…. Grab a drink, some food, walk the dog, etc.

6.) This has been tested on a Raspberry Pi 2 model and takes an hour from start to finish depending on how many updates you have to install for the packages as well as how fast your Internet connection is. On a Raspberry Pi B, it took 2 hours… There is your confirmation that the Raspberry Pi 2 is way faster!!! Fldigi runs without a hitch or delay now on the Raspberry Pi 2. Highly recommend picking one, or two, or three up….

If you need some help on trying to figure out how to get this script onto your Raspberry Pi, look into WinSCP as an option. It is free and easy to use. Drag and drop…. You can also use command line to get files directly onto the Pi. If you need some help, email me and I will do my best to try and help. Give me some time to respond as I go days without checking personal email depending on what is going at work. Gotta pay the bills, right?

I my post some videos of this in action if I get some time… I tested with my Elecraft KX3 and worked like a champ! Good Luck!


Ed – K3HTK

P.S. As always, I do not take responsibility for any damage, issues, misuse, unexpected outcomes, etc. by using this script. The script provided is purely experimental, distributed as experimental, and should be used as such. Use at your own risk and provided “AS_IS.” It is free for you to do whatever you would like with it as well…


Credit Where Credit is Due:

Lior Elazary (KK6BWA) –

Steve (KB9MWR) –