Received SSTV images today from International Space Station (ISS)

I have been waiting in anticipation all weekend to catch a chance to receive some radio signals from the international Space StationĀ in order to decode pictures the Russian cosmonautsĀ are sending via SSTV (Slow Scan Television) Mode PD180 to commemorate 80th anniversary of the birth of first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Although they were delayed in getting the SSTV system online, they did get it done after all the work they had been doing up there to re-arrange modules on the station.

Check out some of the images I received in my shack today…..


Learn more information here at AMSAT-UK: AMSAT

Radio: ICOM-9100

Software: MMSSTV (Free)

SSTV Format: PD180

Frequency: 145.800 MHz FM

Antenna: M2 VHF and UHF EggBeater



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Published on: February 22, 2015

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